I would like to thank you and your entire staff for your hard work and dedication to improving the lives of the developmentally disabled people who live in the residential group homes you manage. I have personally seen firsthand the wonderful treatment of my son and his housemates over the many years he has been there and have been exposed to your wonderful staff at many of the functions and the house visits. I have attended just about all of the meetings concerning my son and can tell you I am always impressed and grateful for the thoroughness, the attendance of all involved in the reports, and their continuing effort to keep me informed every step of the way, striving to make my son’s life better. They are very methodical and are always working to improve things for all they care for. My family and I are very grateful for having each and every one of you. We are very pleased and don’t have to worry about how he is being cared for, we know he is in very good hands as we look at all of you like part of our family.John Schnitzke

Every parent’s worst nightmare is to realize that they don’t have the necessary skills to take care of their child. This discovery was heartbreaking for us, however, New England Residential Services, has proven to be both skilled and caring. Since 2007, we have entrusted our daughter to an organization that cares as much about her as we do. She has shown tremendous progress under their care. We have also found that they respect our opinion and look for our input with regard to her well-being. Over the last six years our daughter has shown tremendous growth and we believe she could not have achieved this without their guidance.Wayne and Holly Ripley

On September 17, 2011, I met two amazing women and their clients on a trip to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a wonderful walk! My attention was aweing at first, but these two women: Ebony and Theresa were taking such good care of their clients, I was so happy to be near them. I later found out more about their agency and find myself writing to tell you and your agency how proud and thankful to God we have good, kind people like Ebony and Theresa. I have a handicapped sister and would trust your agency and the people who work for your agency with her. Your clients had a wonderful time and so did I! Thank you for employing such wonderful women.Delores C.

My brother (James) has been a recipient of New England Residential Services since the very beginning when it was established in1987. When the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services had to close large institutions such as Southbury Training School, my brother had already been living there for 21 years of his life. My family has been tremendously blessed all these years to have such a wonderful organization of New England Residential Services. I cannot say enough about the long time staff my brother has had and still has today that have become part of our family. The years of consistent services and care New England Residential Services delivers each and every day 365 days of the year 24/7 for my brother is remarkable. What New England Residential Services offers is true, a well trained staff, with a low turnover rate, and truly dedicated teams that work well together. I don’t know what my family would have done without an organization like New England Residential Services. And what they print about their philosophy is true. People with disabilities have a right to be visible, integrated members of society, worthy of respect and deserving of meaningful lives. My brother has been a recipient of these statements all throughout his 61 years of life, for you see he has grown up to be a fully capable, independent man who lives in and takes care of his own house, goes to work Monday thru Friday and has a far better social life than anyone I have ever met on the weekends. I highly endorse such a well managed, long standing, and experienced organization such as New England Residential Services. Thank you New England Residential Services from the bottom of my heart. Anne E. Milek

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